Say Hello to the CredenceTwo

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February 1, 2018

The CredenceTwo - the new flagship device for our longtime client, CredenceID.

We are excited to finally anounce the release of one of our latest products: the CredenceTWO. Developed in collaboration with our longtime client CredenceID, BC Mechanical Design was responsible for the industrial and mechanical design.

The look of the CredenceTWO was greatly influenced by the CredenceTAB, which was developed in parallel. With these two products, CredenceID now has a complete and nuanced design language that showcases their products as modern, sleek, rugged, and capable.

Developing the CredenceTWO was not without its challenges; the handheld device features two cameras, an ID card reader, a finger print reader, and a 5-inch HD touchscreen, all of which are protected by an IP54 rated enclosure. From CredenceID’s website:

Designed to support multiple applications, CredenceTWO empowers partners to build and deploy customized solutions for their desired objectives, work-flows, environments and use cases. CredenceTWO enables partners to build applications for one-to-one or one-to-many, large-scale mobile enrollment programs and eID verification solutions.

CredenceTWO is a major advancement in mobile biometric platforms and is used for identifying subjects in applications such as law enforcement, border control, healthcare, banking, education and KYC programs.

We are proud of our work on the CredenceTWO – it is a great example of our experience designing hand-held consumer electronics and biometric devices.

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