We are a mechanical design firm located in Silicon Valley who work in the telecom, medical and consumer markets. Our deep understanding of the full product development cycle – from prototype to manufacturing – contributes to our success.

The BC team is tight and nimble. We bring in additional talent when the product demands it. Our partners are top tier, and the relationships we’ve built over the years help us build superior products.

We analyze your business needs while understanding your customer needs. We care about what we do and the products we make.

Meet Our Team

Mario Bogdan

Mario, founder and CEO of BC Mechanical Design, has 20+ years’ experience in product development. He is the co-founder of several product and technology firms and has deep roots in Silicon Valley. Never satisfied, Mario works on improvements wherever he may be. You’ll always find him with a sketchbook, working through design issues on any flat surface he can find. This pursuit of perfection is contagious and drives our team to achieve. In the rare moments Mario is not working he enjoys hiking, fishing, music festivals and socializing.

Dan Weber

Dan moved to San Francisco from Orange County to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering at San Francisco State University. He got his start in the world of product design early in his college career while working at one of the largest NSF funded 3D printing labs. He honed his design and fabrication skills both inside and outside the classroom, and joined BC Mechanical Design in 2013. Dan developed a strong intuition for elegant and efficient mechanical design from a young age and strives to find creative ways to solve complex problems. When he’s not working you can find him golfing, surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking, or getting his motorcycle ready for the racetrack.

Craig Brinton

As a career designer, entrepreneur, and co-founder of several design related businesses - Craig’s widely varied background brings a wealth of experience to BC Mechanical Design. He has worked on consumer products, commercial furniture and fixtures, restaurant and club design, and engineering and manufacturing large-scale public art and exhibits… all the while owning and operating several wildly successful nightclubs in San Francisco. He received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from San Francisco State University, graduating at the top of his class. Craig is an avid cyclist, competing in road and endurance mountain-bike races.

Stephen Coffer

As a mechanical engineer at BC Mechanical Design, Stephen strives to create effective product solutions to help clients exceed expectations. Stephen’s academic background, which culminated in a master’s degree from UCLA, helps him create informed design solutions. After graduating he developed his engineering skills while working on production machine design for large customers, including Microsoft. Outside of work Stephen is an avid rock climber, spending at least three days a week at the climbing gym and most weekends at one of California’s many world-class climbing areas.


Luna is the most important member of the BC team. A master at her craft, she keeps the team focused, determined and creative. Her wealth of experience with herding and leading multi-disciplinary groups is invaluable. Quick to sniff out potential problems, she shortcuts the design iteration process by fetching pragmatic solutions from thin air. Without Luna’s expertise and guidance we could not achieve our consistent high-level of quality and creativity. When not on the job Luna enjoys daily puppy park visits, and weekends often include Sierra backpacking adventures or exploring beautiful California beaches.