Say Hello to the CredenceTwo
March 18, 2018
BC Team Photo Luna Dog Bay Area Mechanical Design

Hey everyone, we changed our name!

We are now BC Mechanical Design. Don’t worry, there’s no big shake up, no drama, same great staff, same great service. We feel this new branding better reflects our purpose and skills as a top notch, Silicon Valley based design firm.

Oh, and we got this shiny new website.

What else is new for us? We have some interesting new clients (nope can’t tell you who yet). We’ve had a few feathers in our collective cap recently.
Our efforts with Vium went really well last year; both of our designs (the new Mouse Rack, and Base Station) made it through UL testing last month.
Our new CredenceTAB design for CredenceID got noticed by Frost & Sullivan, and they passed their regulatory compliance testing with FCC and CE.
And, all our work with Meta is coming to fruition. In addition to the mechanical design on this very complex product, we wrapped up their production documentation and now they are building and shipping the Meta II.

So, check us out on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. We’ll be posting info on some fun company events soon. Hope to see you all there!

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