Vium Digital Vivarium™ Smart Housing™

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October 8, 2018
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April 16, 2018


Product: Digital Vivarium™ Smart Housing™

Vium’s Digital Vivarium platform combines sensor hardware with continuous data acquisition techniques, providing researchers with unprecedented control over in vivo studies. The Smart Housing system can support 49 cages, all with highly precise climate control, 24/7 HD video, and allows for cloud-connected remote access and highly transparent data collection. According to Vium, their system improves “insights into disease progression, compound efficacy, and early safety signals.”

The BC | Vium Team

Originally designed for in-house vivarium use, the rack system gained popularity with Vium’s customers. In the interest of meeting this market demand, Vium engaged BC Mechanical to re-design the existing rack with an eye to volume manufacturing and UL compliance.

Design / Technical Achievements

  • Sheet metal and welded tube design
  • Design for Assembly
  • Improved equipment layout and cable routing
  • Streamlined cleaning procedures
  • Airflow continuity and seal design
  • Prototype coordination and testing
  • UL 61010-1 compliance
  • Improved equipment mounting
  • Mechanism design for quick release of individual cages
  • Complete documentation for quoting and manufacturing