Drop Station by Drop Water

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January 5, 2019
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August 18, 2018

Drop Water

Product: Drop Station

Drop Water is reinventing the way we drink and distribute bottled water. They have created the Drop Bottle, a sustainable and eco-friendly reusable bottle, which is filled and sold by their Drop Station. Each Drop Station dispenses water personalized for each customer with flavors and supplements. Launching in late 2018, expect to see Drop Stations near you soon.

The BC | Drop Water Team

Drop Water approached Team BC with their first iteration of the Drop Station asking for an overhaul to the design and to improve their manufacturing processes. In addition to reducing overall manufacturing costs, Team BC optimized the functionality of the station by reducing the overall weight, making the unit easier to fabricate and assemble, and increasing mechanism precision in order to prevent error in the field.

Design / Technical Achievements

  • Design overhaul of most parts and assemblies
  • Eliminated all handmade custom parts
  • Coordinated with manufacturing partners
  • Recommended appropriate materials for full-scale production
  • Prototyped all key design improvements in-house
  • Designed fixtures for manufacturing
  • Optimized water filtration system mechanism
  • Adjusted electronics layout for easy assembly