Juniper Networks®

Graphite Systems
December 15, 2017
December 15, 2017

Client: Juniper Networks®

Product: MX2020 3D Universal Edge Routers

Juniper Networks® persuades its clients with the motto, “Let's build something amazing, together.” We’ve been helping this company build amazing products for almost 20 years.

The BC | Juniper Networks Team

Our experience with large-enterprise product growth made us the go-to resource for new Juniper projects since 1999, including the MX2010, MX2008, QFX 3008 and the T Series.

We continue to collaborate with Juniper’s engineers and product teams to design some of the largest and most complex chassis on the market today.

Get an overview of our chassis design work on the highest capacity edge router in the industry.

Design / Technical Achievements

  • Complete mechanical design of the system structure
  • Redundant, configurable AC/DC power distribution
  • Unique, proprietary failsafe lockout mechanism
  • Alignment structure for dual midplane interconnection
  • Airflow design with multilayer fan trays and complex air path
  • High load capacity injection and ejection system
  • Accommodation of dense midplane interconnects