Juniper Networks®
December 15, 2017

Client: CredenceID

Product: CredenceTAB™

It’s not just large enterprises that create great things. SMB companies like Credence ID are developing innovative products that change people’s lives.

The company recently introduced the CredenceTAB™ for the biometric ID industry, and it’s receiving worldwide attention.

The BC | Credence ID Team

When Credence ID asked us to create an elegant and user-friendly solution to house the future of mobile identification, we were honored. The CredenceTAB™ is currently an award-winning product.

Read about Frost & Sullivan’s recognition of the CredenceTAB™ for its 2017 Global New Product Innovation Award.

Design / Technical Achievements

  • Implemented best CAD practices
  • Incorporated complex biometric identification tech into final design
  • Worked directly with electrical engineers on PCA layouts
  • Established cable routing schemes
  • Designed to IP54 (splash proof)
  • Developed LCD and touchscreen assembly
  • Designed TPE covers for all slots and connectors
  • Completed several rounds of prototyping for fit and assembly using hi-resolution 3D prints
  • Produced best-in-class manufacturing documentation
  • Worked directly with Chinese vendors during manufacturing