Larada Home Device
April 16, 2018
Blue Willow Systems
April 3, 2018

Client: CredenceID

Product: CredenceTWO™

The CredenceTWO™ is the next big thing in handheld biometric devices. Running on the award-winning CID single board computer and incorporating best-in-class fingerprint sensor technology, the CredenceTWO is an incredibly capable solution for all identification projects.

The BC | Credence ID Team

After years of success with their previous flagship device, the CredenceONE, CID decided it was time for an update. Team BC collaborated with CID to build the CredenceTWO from the ground up and incorporate the design language first introduced with the CredenceTAB.

Fitted with cutting-edge biometric technology, the CredenceTWO is suited to be a market leader for years to come.

Design / Technical Achievements

  • Implemented best CAD practices
  • Incorporated complex biometric identification tech into final design
  • Worked directly with electrical engineers on PCA layouts
  • Established cable routing schemes
  • Designed to IP54 (splash proof)
  • Developed LCD and touchscreen assembly
  • Designed TPE covers for all slots and connectors
  • Completed several rounds of prototyping for fit and assembly using hi-resolution 3D prints
  • Produced best-in-class manufacturing documentation
  • Worked directly with Chinese vendors during manufacturing