Sciton® JOULE X™

IONpath MIBIscope™ I
January 5, 2019

Client: Sciton®

Product: JOULE X™

Sciton® is a worldwide leader in laser and light-source products for the aesthetic medical market. We began work in 1997 on its flagship invention, the JOULE™, and the product is now distributed in more than 45 countries.

Based on our design success with Sciton, we are consistently called back to work on exciting new product lines that include the BBLs™ and the Halo™.

The BC/Sciton Innovation Team

Our work for Sciton began with the JOULE 1.0 system two decades ago. The company continues to rely on us for the successful deployment of medical platforms, hand pieces and accessories.

Check out our work on the JOULE platform, now considered the gold standard for performance in the industry.

Design/Technical Achievements

  • All new industrial design for updated look and feel
  • New and improved sheet metal chassis
  • Designed pressure formed plastic panels
  • Improved storage for laser filters
  • Provided prototype and production support
  • Best-in-class product documentation